Planned Giving

Planned Giving is the committing to leave a gift to a charity of one’s choice. Regardless of the amount of their income or assets, nearly anyone can plan a legacy gift that will support an organization they care about. No planned gift is too small. Making provision for a planned gift provides the donor with a strong sense of contribution and purpose.

Your planned gift to Covenant Foundation would represent a significant contribution to our mission, while providing you and your loved ones with tax and estate planning benefits. Although charitable gifts can be made at any time, due to the financial planning advantages of planned giving, it is wise to plan your contribution well in advance.

Due to the sensitive nature of planned giving, Covenant Foundation recommends to ensure that your generosity is aligned with your giving and financial goals, you consult with legal and financial advisors.

Bequests are the most common form of planned giving we work with. There are three types of bequests: specific bequests, in which the donor gives a specific dollar amount or specific property, such as art, real estate, or stocks; residual bequest, which give the charity the remainder of the estate after taxes, expenses and other bequests; and contingent bequests, which are contingent on another event, such as the death of a beneficiary. Making a bequest to Covenant Foundation requires writing your wish to make the gift into your will.

Endowment gifts involve a transfer of money or property, usually with the stipulation that it be invested and the principal remaining intact to provide for long term and continual impact.

If you have any further questions pertaining to planned giving, please contact our Director of Philanthropy at 780.342.8303 or at